What if I don't have a car?

Although we highly recommend for every student to bring a car, it is not mandatory. Students without a car can arrange rides to school with another ALC student in their apartment or apartment complex. We do ask that students asking for rides would help pitch in for gas.

Do you have any standards that a traditional college wouldn't have?

Yes! With how we are doing college differently, and as part of the strategic discipleship experience, we have some standards in place that are crucial for each of our four stages. Please review our handbook to explore what the differences are and how it charts you on a greater path to success.


When can students leave for and return from breaks?

We do not allow students to leave earlier or arrive later than the times specified in our handbook and calendar. Any violations will be addressed at the time of occurrence. We do not allow students to leave late in the day, as we are concerned about them getting tired while driving home late or through the night.

Can local students go home on weekends or days off?

If a student lives locally, we advise they do not go home on weekends or days off at the beginning portion of the year. This is to ensure they receive the maximum experience that ALC has to offer. If a student does want to go home for any period of time, they will have to submit a time off request for approval.

What do students do about food?

Students at the freshman and sophomore levels are given a $50 food stipend (which is included in their tuition cost) every two weeks for groceries. Any student above these two levels are responsible for their own grocery expenses.


How do I apply for financial aid?

The first step in applying for aid is filing the FAFSA. This must be completed EACH YEAR and the easiest way to file is online; you can apply at https://fafsa.ed.gov/. The priority deadline for SEU is April 15th and our federal school code is 001521. The Financial Aid Department does not know how much aid you are eligible to receive until the FAFSA has been completed. For more information, click here to review our ALC | FAFSA Guide!

How many credit hours must I take in order to be eligible for financial aid?

You must be enrolled for at least six credit hours for federal student loans and at least 12 credit hours for state aid.

Are students allowed to have a job during ALC?

Because of Atlanta Leadership College’s schedule, students are not allowed to have jobs while in the program. While we know this is an inconvenience, we don’t want any student missing out on special activities and classes we have planned. Students can, however, look for odd jobs on their days off which are usually Mondays, but varies from week to week. We do want to make sure each student is getting proper rest so if work is something a student wants to pursue, we advise them to talk to a staff member before committing.


Are you an accredited college?

While ALC is not nationally accredited, the college courses upperclassmen take through Southeastern University and West Coast Bible College & Seminary are accredited. Southeastern is nationally accredited and their credits are transferrable to a majority of colleges. West Coast offers ministerial degrees for those seeking ministry training and are accredited through South Africa and the United Kingdom and are currently seeking U.S. accreditation and are transferable to select colleges.

What if I have a learning disability?

Our Academic Department is very understanding and works with students on an individual basis. If memorization is a legitimate struggle for you, you may be allowed to test in a form that is determined best for you. We ask that you are upfront about your concerns with our Academic Director from the beginning so she can work with you on various study and learning methods.