Through every obstacle and in every battle, we have this confidence: we are MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us! We are not easily swayed or discouraged. Rather, we are a bold and confident people because Jesus always wins!
We refuse to stay at the same level, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We’re constantly challenged to be the best version of ourselves. We will do whatever it takes to be better, lead better and serve better.
Joy is not a circumstance you fall into, it’s a daily decision you make. Whether it seems like the sun is up or it seems like the rain is coming down, we consistently choose to take ownership of our internal joy.
“Integrity” originates from the word integer, meaning “whole.” It refers to someone who, whether on or off the stage, is the same person around the clock. There are no hidden secrets or private lifestyles. They walk the talk. They are who they are.
Some choose to let life happen. We choose to make it happen. “I can’t” isn’t in our vocabulary. From charging mountains to sweeping floors, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.
We embrace the fact we are no longer children. We choose to take responsibility for our personal conduct. We are representatives of Christ, our families, and our organizations.
Family isn’t something you’re born into, it’s something you fight for. We believe the way we treat one another is one of the most powerful apologetics the world will ever see; Therefore, we value unity, honor and self-sacrifice and will actively fight against division, pride and selfish-promotion.
For better or for worse, we recognize our attitudes are contagious. We take ownership of our attitudes. Instead of negativity, we choose to be positive catalysts
wherever we go.