Our exceptional post-high school program has operated in Atlanta for ten years now. But perhaps, during an earlier season, you knew us by the name “Master’s Commission Atlanta.” To reflect our focus and program more accurately, we re-branded ourselves in the fall of 2013 as “Atlanta Leadership College”. It is still our privilege, however, to be an active and enthusiastic affiliate of Master’s Commission International. What does that mean? It means that the heartbeat of the program and the leadership structure that thousands of people have come to trust and love over the past decade IS STILL IN PLACE. We’ve just enhanced our over-all program and academic offerings further to make this new season as Atlanta Leadership College our current reality.

Our motivation? We want to offer our upper level students the choice between a college level degree, pastoral accreditation, or BOTH. With the social, academic, and economic climate constantly changing in today’s world, we want to keep pace with doing our post-high school instruction in the most progressive and exceptional manner possible.

So if you are a prospective student looking for a Master’s Commission program, congratulations! You just found one…AND MORE. If you are an alumni of Master’s Commission Atlanta, or one of our esteemed Cadre participants just wondering about the change, have no fear. Our extraordinary program is still the one you have come to love and trust. We just might bring a big smile to your face, though. We’re still trying, with every passing year, to GET A LITTLE BETTER.


Atlanta Leadership College is one of a kind! We’re doing college differently, and we’re proud of it! Yes, we are definitely a post-high school college of higher learning. We award both associate and bachelor degrees n 6 different ministry based background (through West Coast Bible College.) But we believe that true and lasting character development should precede your specific degree focus. Why? Because after working with hundreds of college students over the years, we know that who you are (both in character and in leadership) will take you much further in life than any singular vocational skill you could ever master by itself.

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That’s why we do things a little differently at Atlanta Leadership College (ALC). We do not obligate people to an initial four-year commitment. We encourage you to first join us for a life-shaping first year. During these pivotal nine months together, we’ll help you clearly figure out who you are, where you really what to go, and ultimately, what God would have you do with the rest of your life. Hundreds of students have already made this journey with us. And over and over again, they share with us at graduation, “This was the most life-changing, transformational year of my entire life!”

Atlanta Leadership College is committed to helping you create a successful future for yourself. We believe that in order to do life well, you need time for personal inventory, discovery and in-depth discipleship. We give you a strategic 9-month pathway for character building, leadership enhancement, and a focused pursuit after Jesus Christ. By achieving a better understanding of who you are and what God wants you to do, you will then move into your future not only excitedly prepared, but also internally equipped.

That is why the structure of ALC is different. During your 1st year, though academics are a significant focus, you do not immerse yourself in classroom instruction only. Instead, opportunities are also created for you to experience internal growth that will impact your entire life. We’ll help you fine-tune your lifetime “who” (your dreams, your character, and your giftings) before you focus totally on preparing for your lifetime vocation. Statistics tell us that the majority of college and university students do not even USE their stated “major” after graduation. Why? We think it’s because they waste valuable time and money pursuing a degree before first pursuing character and spiritual depth.

Many great individuals move on after completing this first life-changing, transformational 9 months with us. They attend colleges with other degree options that more perfectly align with their career goals. But if you elect to complete a second year with us, we immerse you in concentrated leadership development, both through classroom experience and through a heavy degree of hands-on-training. The leadership skills you learn will significantly position you for success in any vocation you choose to pursue for the rest of your life. During this second year, you will also take college courses through West Coast Bible College towards your Associate or Bachelor Degree.

If your dream is to do some form of full-time ministry, Atlanta Leadership College offers a third and deeply focused year of ministry training and internship. A student’s 3rd year with us is tailor-made to allow each student extensive training and experience in the specific area of ministry to which they are drawn. Some of our nation’s finest Christian leaders help to coach and mentor our students at this level. Then our students scatter all over the globe to various venues of highly successful full-time ministry. A select few individuals from our student body return for a 4th year as part of our ALC Support Staff. They experience an “inside look” at one of our nation’s premiere leadership teams. Upon completion of this exclusive 4th year, our Executive Director, Jeanne Mayo, makes a promise of personal placement in the ministry career field of their choosing.

So allow us to summarize: A student’s first and second years here at ALC teach character and discipleship principles that are applicable and invaluable to any career path you may choose in life. However, a third and fourth year here at ALC are most beneficial for individuals who desire to enter full-time vocational ministry.

Yes, we know our approach is different. We know that most schools want everyone to attend for 4 years at their institution and walk out with a degree with their logo on it. But here at Atlanta Leadership College, we understand that after a certain level, we may not be the best choice for everyone. We hope this level of honesty communicates something really important to you. We are in this for YOU, one individual at a time. And when we say we want to help you create your most successful, Christ-honoring future for yourself, we really mean it.

So give us a call. We would love to discuss Atlanta Leadership College and how it could help shape a life-changing path for the rest of your life. You’ll probably look back at this decision one day and realize that it was one of the greatest moves you ever made!

Atlanta Leadership College is different from most colleges in this one way. We take the time to focus on WHO you are, before we focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO. As a young adult, you are often told that success right out of high school means jumping into a 4-year college. We think differently. (And post-college data proves us to be right!)

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Before you invest time, money and energy into a 4 year college, we want to partner with you in a far more crucial direction. We want you to invest time, money and energy into WHO YOU ARE.

We believe a season at Atlanta Leadership College can give you three specific things to help you have a successful future: character, leadership and personal development.

CHARACTER: We help fashion our students’ character by helping them model themselves after Jesus Christ. We want your first year at ALC to be one of the most Christ-centered years of your life. AT NO OTHER TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME WILL YOU STOP AND TOTALLY FOCUS ON YOUR OWN HIGHLY PERSONAL PURSUIT OF JESUS CHRIST AND WHAT HE WANTS FOR YOUR FUTURE. Wow! Talk about a game-changer for your entire adulthood! We believe that this focus will set your entire adult lifetime on a path of fulfillment and true success. Sure, we will offer certain academic offerings during this year as well. But we want to set you up for your LIFETIME, not just your career.

LEADERSHIP: When it comes to leadership training, we have some of the best in the business. Learn leadership essentials from Jeanne Mayo, internationally known speaker, author, and president of Youth Leader’s Coach and The Cadre. Jeanne is known for her 44+ years of ministry experience and leadership development. She is flown around the nation, and the world, to teach leadership practices that you will experience on a first-hand basis. The team here at Atlanta Leadership College has been trained and mentored under Jeanne’s direction for over a decade. So we believe that our faculty and team at ALC is a pretty rare, rare find, especially when it comes to imparting leadership principles that will influence every aspect of your life.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Don’t you want to do more with your life than just “exist” and collect a paycheck? Sure you do. That is why we want to help you figure out your strengths, aptitudes, and passions. At ALC, you will experience a whole world of possibilities. You’ll be up close to life-changing leaders, opportunities and experiences. Tapping into these resources can open up possibilities for your future that you never even thought of before. Every aspect of your life will be touched — from how you interact with people of different cultures…to how you spend your time on the weekends…to how you battle personal weaknesses and shortcomings…to what drives your internal dreams and passions. You will be challenged, stretched, and motivated by peers, leaders, and instructors. You will walk away with a few Christian friends who will actually be close to you for the rest of your life.

And along the journey, you will have the opportunity at the 2nd and 3rd year level to pursue one of six different ministry degree options we have available, both at the associate and bachelor levels.

So why Atlanta Leadership College? Because YOU are worth it. William James really had it right: “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will OUTLAST it.” So join us at ALC on the amazing journey of creating a LIFETIME of destiny, purpose and meaning. The possibilities are both endless and exciting!

Invest in a life-changing “GAP YEAR”? Maybe it’s a term you’re not familiar with. But top universities including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale have done research showing that students who invest in a post-high school “gap year experience” are far more successful in their adult careers and family pursuits than people who forfeit this opportunity. Publications like TIME, and even Education.com have all reported these studies as well.

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If you followed the Royals in Britain (Prince William and Prince Harry), it’s a term you’ve heard often. A “Gap Year” is a season after high school when you take time to figure some things out about yourself – things that will impact your whole life. What motivates you, what annoys you, what makes you passionate, and what gets you fired up. You meet new people, try new things, go to new places, and have new experiences. And because our epicenter at ALC is Jesus Christ, you experience 9 months of Biblical and spiritual formation like you will probably never have again. All of this comes together to put you on the best possible trajectory for the rest of your life.

Now I know what you may be thinking: “Why am I reading about a ‘gap year’ on a college website?” And here’s our great answer: Atlanta Leadership College is built for you to experience the best of BOTH worlds, if you desire. Remember that you can pursue an associate or bachelor ministerial degree with us. But what other Christian college has also created a pathway for your maximum development in ALL areas of life, not just academically?

Let us give you one other mind-blowing fact. Research shows that most college students change their major 3 times before they finally graduate! That is a lot of time and a lot of money that goes down the drain. So even if you only join us for the first, transformational year, it could be one of the wisest decisions of your entire lifetime.

Intrigued? Take a look at these articles from some highly reputable publications about the benefits of a “gap year.” We think it’s a long-term investment into experiencing the most prepared, Christ-honoring future possible.

Today Show on NBC: Should your child have a ‘gap year’ before college?

Education.com: The Goods on the Gap Year

USA Today: College Can Wait Awhile

Time Magazine: Time Out – Gauging the Value of a Gap Year Before College

















Academics are a top priority at Atlanta Leadership College. Our diverse study units don’t just give you knowledge for your future, but rather, knowledge for your NOW. 1st year character development classes, called “Life Lessons,” involve intense study of everything from personal character formation to Biblical patterns in long-term relationships and love. Life Lessons are paired with weekly in-depth Scripture studies and strategic life-on-life mentoring by our staff and upper level student body. First year students are also enrolled in English 101 and Bible 101 through West Coast Bible College.

During the second year at ALC, students are immersed in one of the most challenging leadership programs available in the contemporary Christian community today. Once again, classroom teaching is coupled with hands-on-experience on almost a daily basis. Seasoned Christian leaders help to coach students personally as they are defining their own relational and leadership style.

At the second and third year level, students will be enrolled in West Coast Bible College & Seminary. At this point, a student will choose to pursue either an associate degree in general ministries or a bachelor degree in one of six different ministerial focuses. Students who are desirous of entering full-time vocational ministry of some sort may also obtain their ministerial credentialing and licensing. We encourage you to download of copy of our Academic Guide to learn more specifically about our degree options and accreditations.

The Bible college we have partnered with for our second and third year students to pursue their ministerial degree with, is West Coast Bible College & Seminary, based in Waco, Texas. Thoughout the year, students will be enrolled in 8-10 long distance learning classes. Our students are taken through classes at an associate degree level pace toward the ministerial degree option of their choice.

The West Coast courses are taught by credentialed West Coast instructors via online lecture and are facilitated by our ALC and Victory Church staff personnel. These courses challenge students and prepare them intellectually in addition to the exceptional ministry preparation they’re already receiving. Students enrolled in the Associate degree program will receive their degree at the conclusion of their third year. Students who choose to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree will focus on one of the six degree options listed below. Completion of the individual BA programs will be facilitated by our staff. Conscientious students may easily obtain their BA by the conclusion of a 4th year of study.

View Degree Options

Associate of General Ministries
Bachelor of Biblical Counseling
Bachelor of Biblical Counseling with Eating Disorder Specialization
Bachelor of Church Business Administration
Bachelor of General Ministries
Bachelor of Missions
Bachelor of Worship Arts
Bachelor of Youth Ministries

Scripture Studies are a weekly assignment for every student at Atlanta Leadership College. Each week, students pick a passage of Scripture they personally want to study and internalize. They then complete a thorough assignment on that passage, including a weekly essay explaining their findings and how they’re applying this Scripture to their own personal life. Students will also be tested on the memorization of four Scriptures each week. This aspect of our academic training helps students to not just read God’s Word, but to truly study it and make it their own. Much different from a church-attendee’s Christian education program, ALC’s Scripture study approach teaches each student to deeply delve into the Word of God for themselves and apply Biblical principles appropriately to every arena of their life.

“Nearly 25 years ago, God inspired us to plant and launch Victory World Church. Through that time we have been deeply impassioned with investing into the next generation. We, along with our entire team, are committed to standing with our very own Atlanta Leadership College as together we launch young people into their future. Strongly consider being a part of ALC. This dynamic experience will help identify and cultivate the unique gifting of each student and set them on the road to both success and significance.”

Dennis & Colleen Rouse
Senior Pastors, Victory World Church

“With over a decade of youth and young adult ministry experience, I’ve had the privilege of traveling the nation and partnering with churches, religious organizations and various ministries like Atlanta Leadership College. However, I HAVE NEVER experienced the energy, the passion for Christ, the commitment to community, the level of spiritual maturity and the Christ-like zeal to serve others as I HAVE WITNESSED first hand with Atlanta Leadership College. The caliber of leaders that come out of ALC, year after year, are absolutely SECOND TO NONE.”

Marty Darracott
Youth Pastor, Christ Fellowship

“It will be everything you have ever needed but have never been able to verbalize to God that you wanted.”

Tiffany Gregory
ALC Alumni

“Atlanta Leadership College was exactly what I needed, in the most influential time in my life, to help set a solid foundation for my relationship with Jesus Christ. Without ALC I’d still be an apathetic Christian living without passion or purpose.”

Austin Scott
ALC Alumni, Youth Pastor, Waco, Texas

“I love sending students to Atlanta Leadership College. They come back more confident in their callings, direction and roles in life and the church. ALC takes students and produces healthy, vibrant leaders.”

Mike Miller
Youth Pastor, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Wow! How do you put some of the most formidable years of your life into a few sentences? I can’t even imagine where I would be without my time at Atlanta Leadership College.”

James Powell
ALC Alumni, Campus Pastor, Springfield, Missouri

“Atlanta Leadership College not only prepares students for ministry, it prepares them for the real world. We see time and time again Oklahoma young people who enter ALC and come out focused on their calling and equipped with the work ethic they need to change their world for Jesus.”

Doug Everaard
Oklahoma District Youth Director

How many times have you heard adults laughingly say, “They didn’t teach me THAT in college!” At Atlanta Leadership College, one of your primary first year courses is called “Life Lessons.” This is a highly practical and application-driven course that you can use NOW…and for the rest of your life.

During “Life Lessons,” we discuss everything from cultivating Biblical friendships to fanning your own personal self-discipline. Students also explore topics ranging from best practices financially to pragmatic, Biblical ways to determine the Lord’s guidance for your life. This life-shaping class is meant to reintroduce you to yourself, in the context of what God’s Word says about how we should live our lives now, and in the future. It will touch every area of your personal and social life, giving you time-honored wisdom on how to be successful, no matter where you may choose to go later in life.

The core make up of a 2nd year is leadership development. Students are given opportunities in which to lead others in their personal development as well as various project management responsibilities. One of the ways we set these students up for success is through a weekly Leadership course. Lessons from leadership experts such as John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Tim Elmore, Jim Collins and others become the weekly make-up for this class. Lesson plans are strategically structured to guide students through their current leadership responsibilities while simultaneously equipping them for their future. It’s an environment where students can learn and be challenged while also being provided with a safe atmosphere in which to vocalize failure and hardship.

View Some Of The Classes

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Communicating For A Change
The Discerning Leader
The 5 Tanks of Leadership
Leadership’s Toy-Chest
Leading on Empty
Project Management
How To Win Friends & Influence People
The 17 Irrefutable Laws of Teamwork

Ministry Headquarters is a class exclusively for our third year ministry intern students. This time is focused on teaching you hands-on ministry pragmatics. With incredible instructors like Jeanne Mayo, Josh Mayo, and many of our esteemed Victory Church staff, our intern students walk away with invaluable knowledge from decades of real life ministry experience. Topics discussed range from the effective launching of a ministry, to creating a ministry budget and working effectively with church volunteers. Interns further grow through their regular and up-close involvement with our progressive, thriving church of over 10,000 attendees, Victory World Church.

Our ALC ministry interns also get to travel and visit a variety of ministries in the nation. You will experience both larger and smaller churches, to expand your scope of what real ministry is like. Elevation Church, New Spring, Oasis and 12Stone Church are just some of the places that you will attend and study during your time with us in Ministry Headquarters.

Since our third year ALC internship is ministry focused, students at this level will choose from six different areas of ministry focus to specialize in:

View Intern Focus Areas

Children’s Ministry
Church Planting
Media production
Youth Ministry


Hands on experience at it’s finest.

We think a real education means that you need to “get your hands dirty.” Dirty with experience, that is. Atlanta Leadership College’s Development Labs are the perfect place for this aspect of your education to come into full reality. Our Development Labs are similar to collegiate elective courses. They are created to be a laboratory for you to both LEARN and then immediately begin TO DO.

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Each ALC student will choose two Development Labs to participate in each year. These labs can be areas that you already have an understanding of, or may be chosen to explore a possible undeveloped interest. Ranging from areas like “graphic art and design” to subjects like “verbal communication,” there is a Development Lab that will peak your interest and help you discover practical skills that will serve you well as you move into your future.

Community Outreach
Creative Communication
Graphic Design
Kid’s Ministry
Sound and Lighting Production
Verbal Communication

Travel the world and make a difference.

Margaret Mead once said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” As a student at Atlanta Leadership College, you will be part of one of these “small groups of people” that will GO to change other parts of the world.

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Each year, ALC students get the opportunity to travel all around the world to work, serve and live the message of Jesus Christ. The locations change every year, with the cost for each trip being specific to the location. Places impacted by our ALC missions outreaches include Kenya, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, England, Spain, Jamaica, Ecuador, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida and New Orleans. Missions trips range from ones needing very little financial investment to more costly trips on the other side of the world.

Maybe you’ve never been on a mission’s trip before. That’s OK. We will work with you step by step throughout the entire process. From choosing the trip that best suits you to helping come up with the ideas on how to raise the funds, we’ll be there to coach you every step of the way. We believe that serving people across the country and the world not only impacts the people you are reaching out to, but also indelibly impacts the person himself who is participating in the trip. That’s why missions trips are another vital and life-changing part of the ALC experience.

Training under the leadership of Jeanne Mayo, with nearly five decades of youth ministry experience.

Ever wanted to be in the middle of an exciting youth revolution? This is exactly what the Lord is creating at the Youth and Young Adult ministries of Victory World Church. Jeanne Mayo, Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director, has led youth ministries that moved from as few as 15 students to as many as 1,000 students every week.

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But the signature of Jeanne’s ministry is much deeper than just numerical growth. She has built a ministry of discipleship and spiritual growth here in Atlanta. The faithfulness of the Lord has been amazing once again as students come to authentic faith in Christ and are changed from the inside out.
Youth ministry majors from across the nation would give anything for this priceless, once in a lifetime opportunity to live up close to the woman who Ministries Today called “America’s #1 Youth Pastor.”

So whether you want to impact today’s youth culture through public education, youth ministry, or para-church organizations, ALC affords you a youth training opportunity that would be difficult to equal. In the span of only nine months you will not only see the youth and young adult ministries grow numerically, but you will also see how ministries can deepen and grow in a passionate pursuit after Jesus Christ. Youth ministry opportunities will include small group leadership, discipleship, creative arts, worship, and much more.

To learn more about the respected youth leadership coaching that Jeanne Mayo does, check out YouthLeadersCoach.com. How awesome to have the “coach” on our very own team!

The life we live on and off the stage.
Amazing times of transformational worship are something that EVERY student will experience at Atlanta Leadership College. However, if you have musical giftings yourself, ALC is also a great platform to stretch and develop your worship leading expertise. Teaming up with Montell Jordan, Tabreeca Woodside and internationally-acclaimed Victory World Music, students with a skill set for worship will find themselves both challenged and changed. ALC’s Director of Worship, Tabreeca Woodside, holds a degree in ministry theory from Berkley University. She has nearly 20 years of experience in both worship and music theory.

Students receive classroom instruction during our Worship Development Lab. Principles are transferred to reality through a multitude of worship teams that serve throughout the year, including our own ALC worship teams who lead worship every week during our unforgettable chapel times together.

Read Montell Jordan's Bio

Allow us to tell you a little more about our worship pastor, Montell Jordan, who helps to set the pace for our ALC worship program. Montell was introduced to the music world with his #1 smash hit, This Is How We Do It, in 1995. It was the first Def Jam album to hit #1 on the Top Album Chart, holding the top spot for almost two months. In January of 2011, Montell retired as an R&B Recording artist. He has committed his life to the ministry of Jesus Christ and the spread of the Good News to all nations. He is now an integrity-filled husband, father, minister, author, friend, servant and worshipper! He currently also serves as the Worship Pastor at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia, where ALC resides. Now he is leading the charge for a “new sound of worship” through Victory World Music’s outreach to this culture and world. YOU ARE is his latest Christian music single release, and it is continuing to top Christian music charts worldwide.

Narrow in on your calling.
Students that are in their third year at Atlanta Leadership College have experienced immense character growth and leadership development. You will have completed academic courses that will benefit your personal and professional lives. And during your third year, you will have the invaluable opportunity to gain hands on experience in a ministry environment of your choosing.

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Atlanta Leadership College has 6 different areas of ministry focus for interns to choose from.

Church Planting
Community Outreach
Kid’s Ministry
Media Arts
Youth Ministry

If you desire to enter full-time vocational ministry in any of these areas, Atlanta Leadership College has the experts and experience to give you the best training out there. Take your learning out of the classroom and get your hands dirty. Putting into practice lessons you have learned from multiple years of training from some of ministries top leaders, while receiving your degree as well.

Personal Mentorship.
Jeanne Mayo, heralded by Ministry Today as “America’s #1 Youth Pastor,” brings her leadership experience to the table in a weekly ALC class called “Jeanne Time.” Jeanne Time is a class for every student at ALC, and focuses on different topics every week. Learn leadership, personal, and spiritual lessons from someone who has flown across the nation and around the globe to impart the same principles you will hear taught, and more importantly see lived out. The principles taught in this class are for more than just someone headed into ministry, but are for any Christian who wants to live a successful life of passion, purpose, and push after Jesus Christ.


Student life here at Atlanta Leadership College is anything but boring! Each day is specifically designed to help maximize your time here. From classes, to development labs, to your involvement in different ALC activities, there are not a lot of dull moments. After all, we’re telling you that your time at ALC will be the experience of a lifetime. So we want to do all we can to make sure we deliver on our end of that promise.

Contact us to talk to a current student, or someone who has been though the program before, to get a better picture of student life activity among us. Just believe us when we say that “brotherhood” and “sisterhood” will come to be significant terms in your vocabulary after your time with us. You’ll take retreats together, eat dinners together, throw impromptu parties together and come away with some of the most significant friendships of your lifetime.


Huge. Clean. Secure. Those are three things that come to mind when we think of the student apartments at Atlanta Leadership College. The Parkway Vista and Parkside Vista Apartment Communities provide us with HUGE two and three bedroom apartments for our student housing. The apartments are a “far cry” from normal university housing. Many of them were recently built and offer a very upper class, modern feel.

You will have more than enough space to kick back and unwind or have friends over to hang out. If you want a workout, grab one in the apartment gym with its great training equipment or go for a quick swim in the apartment pool. The key-card activated gate at the entrance of the community as well as the in-unit alarm systems enhance our 24/7 sense of security.

Believe us when we say, “These are not your typical college dormitories!” We provide 1200-1500 square foot homes with 10-foot ceilings, all new appliances, crown molding, walk-in closets, and a washer and dryer in every unit! Not exactly what most of your college friends will be experiencing.

Atlanta Leadership College is proud of our hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. After all, who wants to attend college in a boring city where there is nothing to do after 6pm each night?

Atlanta is a city of 5 million people and there is always something, some place, or some person to check out or connect with. Whether relaxing at your amazing apartment, hanging out in downtown Atlanta with your friends or climbing Stone Mountain, you always have something to do. When it comes to having a good time, we DO IT BIG in Atlanta. It’s known as one of the trendiest, most progressive and multi-cultural cities in our nation. What a great place to go to school!

Do you like basketball? Shopping? Art? Hiking? Parks? Museums? Food? Fun? Movies? Pro sporting events? Concerts? Theatre? Did we say shopping? Then let us tell you again that Atlanta is the city for you. When your class times are over and the day is done, there is more than enough to do. Atlanta has what you’re looking for to make memories for a lifetime. Listed below are just a few of the attractions that our fun city has to offer:

Check out some cool places to see in Atlanta

Victory World Church, based in Norcross, Georgia, is one of our nation’s largest and most progressive churches. This vibrant church is the home base of Atlanta Leadership College and welcomes over 10,000 people for services each weekend from over 150 nations. Founded in 1990 by the current Senior Pastors, Dennis and Colleen Rouse, the Victory World Church family is an exciting example of New Testament health and impact.

Victory’s four pillars of purpose include Building Families, Transforming Communities, Reconciling Cultures and Impacting Nations. The church DNA is anchored in communicating the uncompromised Word of God and hinges on Mark 12:30-31, ”…and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength…and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” ALC considers itself both enriched and blessed to be a part of such a thriving and pace-setting church family.


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